Ms. Valencia will be teaching ICT 8 this semester. ICT 8 is a six-week rotational class, intended to provide students who are new to LA Matheson with the opportunity to become familiar with digital tools they will be expected to access during their high school experience, to develop the digital citizenship skills necessary to utilize those tools in a safe and ethical manner. Another goal of the ICT 8 is to demonstrate to students the opportunities to utilize technology in their other classes and to lay the foundations for a “digital participatory culture” at LA Matheson Secondary, where students feel comfortable and valued as they think, collaborate, plan, create and share in the digital sphere. In six-weeks we will cover the following possibile modules: Digital Citizenship, Navigating School Services and Communication, Digital Media, & Coding. Click on the following links and the ICT 8 FAQs below for more detailed information on the art classes being offered this semester. Please also be advised that up-to-date information through out the duration of the semester will be provided via FreshGrade.

ICT 8 Course Outline

Click on the icon to find out more about FreshGrade. A digital media platform where student learning portfolios are created in real time. It is an application that will be used to document student progress, share learning resources and record both formative and summative assessment.