How to Submit Your Mix

  1. Make Your Mix - Using any basic music editing software (ie. Garage Band or Audacity), create a mix that will work with the dance you would like to create. Ask for assistance or look up some awesome YouTube Tutorials! You can do it!

  2. Submit On Time - Submit your mix no later than 1 week before your performance date. If you submit your mix the night before or the day of a perfromance, it is not guaranteed that your newest mix will be played. Be responsible! Remember, music comes first!

  3. Triple Check Your Mix - Is your mix is the right length (no longer than 3 minutes for large teams or 2 minutes for small teams)? Is it in .mp3 format? Have you edited out any profanity or explicit content?

  4. Format Your File Name - Your file name should follow this format.

    (Ie. JrHipHopTeam_Breakout2016_Champions_Sept30)

    The date is important. If you wish to submit a newer version of your mix just simply change the date (or maybe even add a time if you submit two versions in one day). I wil not accept anyone's
    "super final final for real this time mix."


  5. Submit Your Music - Click on the button below. Enter your name in the space provided, located your mix and click "upload file."