North Surrey has a growing and promising dance community! Our extra curricular teams and clubs are all student directed and student choreographed. Throughout the year our teams and clubs perform at a variety of school events and community events. Do you like having fun, meeting new friends and trying new things? Do you want to push your dancing to the next level and represent our school at both local and international events? Come audition for North Surrey's Competitive Dance Teams!


Click on the following links and read through the dance teams/clubs FAQs below for more detailed information on the dance extracurricular activities being offered this year. 




What should I expect at auditions?

At the Hip Hop auditions, you will learn a short routine from one of our coaches or assistants. Then you will be given a short period of time to practice it, ask questions and work on your performance skills! When the coaches are ready, you will be called to perform it in a small group. Others will not be permitted to watch while you perform! No one expects you to dance it perfectly or even remember all the steps, but what we are looking for is someone who can PERFORM it, deliver facial expressions and improvise if they forget! The coaches will allow the music to play through at the end of the combo. This is your time to shine and how your improvising/freestyle skills! Show us your best grooves or tricks. We usually end the audition with a giant freestyle circle! Want more info? Come to our open house and/or visit Ms. Valencia in the dance studio (Room 507) with any additional questions! Make sure to attend our pre-audition workshops!

What is the difference between a club and a team?

A club is a open-level drop-in based group where the focus is on learning and exploring different genres of dance. Members can join at any point of the year. We have two dance clubs running this year - Workshop Wednesdays and Freestyle Fridays! A dance team is an audition-based group where the focus is on choreography, performance and competition. Members must attend auditions at the begining of the year in order to join. Dance teams are a full-year commitment were we will be training at a high-performance level.

I've never danced before, can I still try out for a team?

Absolutely! Auditions are open to all grades and levels. We love having people new to NSS or just new to dance come out and join us. Auditions are a great experience and just a great way to basically take a free dance class! Keep in mind though that typically the dance teams require some previous training and are not beginner classes! If you are interested in learning how to dance North Surrey offers dance classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers as a course elective! We highly recommend that all dance teams are enrolled in a dance course!

When are auditions?

Auditions are tyrpically at the end of September and beginning of October. Prior to auditions we will usually host a few "pre-audition" workshops where dancers can meet the team coaches, practice learning dance combos and ask questions about this upcoming dance season. Check out the "News" section on our home page to find out audition dates for this season!

Can I come and watch the auditions? Or, can my friends watch?

Sorry, auditions are closed to viewers so that you can concentrate on the class to the best of your abilities and so the coaches can concentrate on your dancing!

What if I cannot make the auditions or cannot stay for the whole thing? Can I schedule a make-up or solo audition?

Sorry, the group audition is the first very important part of our team season and for fairness and to give us the most accurate idea of your level we need to see you WITH all the other potential team members! We only have 1 audition per team and students must be able to attend that audition in entirety to be considered for a competitive group.