Since 2005, North Surrey Secondary had one of the strongest dance programs in our district. The program offers beginner, intermediate and advanced dance classes where students have the opportunity to study the art of dance and use it as a means of expression and release! In our curricular dance classes, we explore a variety of dance genres such as Street Dance (ie. Hip-Hop, Break Dancing, Popping and Locking), Technical Dance (ie. Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Tap), Cultural Dance (ie. Bhangra and Tinikling) and Social Dance (ie. Hustle and Jive) depending on student interest and time. Students will increase their dance skills through the developing of dance technique, the practice of freestyle/improvisation, the creation and performance of choreography, and the viewing and critiquing of live and recorded performances. Do you want to build your self-confidence and improve your fitness while listening to good music? Choose DANCE as your elective on your course selection sheets!

Click on the following links and read through the dance class FAQs below for more detailed information on the dance classes being offered this year.