Since 2005, North Surrey Secondary had one of the strongest dance programs in our district. The program offers beginner, intermediate and advanced dance classes where students have the opportunity to study the art of dance and use it as a means of expression and release! In our curricular dance classes, we explore a variety of dance genres such as Street Dance (ie. Hip-Hop, Break Dancing, Popping and Locking), Technical Dance (ie. Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Tap), Cultural Dance (ie. Bhangra and Tinikling) and Social Dance (ie. Hustle and Jive) depending on student interest and time. Students will increase their dance skills through the developing of dance technique, the practice of freestyle/improvisation, the creation and performance of choreography, and the viewing and critiquing of live and recorded performances. Do you want to build your self-confidence and improve your fitness while listening to good music? Choose DANCE as your elective on your course selection sheets!

Click on the following links and read through the dance class FAQs below for more detailed information on the dance classes being offered this year. 


What dances course are offered at North Surrey Secondary?

Currently, the following classes are being offered at NSS:

  • Dance Foundations 8 Rotation

  • Dance Foundations 9-10 Beginner/Intermediate

  • Dance Foundations 11-12 Beginner/Intermediate

As our program continues to grow, our hope is that we will be able to offer more diversified courses such as: BASES Dance, Dance Technique & Performance, Choreography, Dance Conditioning, advanced level classes etc.

What are the benefits of dance?

  • Improve physical health & fitness!

  • Improve teamwork & communication skills!

  • Improve coordination, tapping into both right & left brain functions!

  • Spark creativity & develop appreciation of the arts!

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

  • Improve endurance, strength and flexibility!

  • Make friends and become a part of our strong dance community!

  • Develop your leadership skills and get involved!

What kinds of dance will we do in class?

In a typical semester you will get to try out all sorts of styles of dance that may include (but not limited to) Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and cultural dance forms. We will do at least 3 large group routines of 2 - 3 minutes that you will have the opportunity to perform onstage! We will also have guest teachers and workshops throughout the year, open to all North Surrey dancers!

I'm not sure what level of class I should take. Where should I start?

You will get the very most out of your training and see the most growth by registering in the correct level! Registering where you have been recommended by your teacher gives you the greatest chance of getting dance on your timetable. Below is a rough guide but your best bet is to speak directly with Ms. Valencia. Incoming grade 8 students should register according to the guide below; Dance Beginner - for students with no previous dance experience up to 3 full years of RECENT dance experience in at least one genre! Dance Intermediate - for students with more than 3 years of RECENT dance experience in two or more genres of dance! Dance Advanced - This course is by placement/recommendation and is for serious/competitive dance students with upwards of 5 years of RECENT dance experience in multiple genres. Dance Elite - This course in an extension of dance advanced and those eligible to register are coaches and students training in studios who are preparing for for-credit exams (R.A.D, Vagonova CDTA or Cecchetti). Students need 20+ hours of extracurricular dance/week to qualify. Choreography - This course is a peer tutoring block for recommended senior dancers who are also enrolled in dance advanced. Choreography students will be paired with a junior or senior beginner to intermediate class.