Requirements: A course application must be submitted in April of the previous year and a follow up audition will be held in Spring. Students should consult with the dance teacher prior to applications and auditions. Students must also be enrolled in a dance class during regular school hours to support their technical development.


Dance Company is a course that runs within the after school competitive dance team program. This course is designed for advanced-level dance students who have an interest in understanding the complexities of how a dance company functions. Dance Company is a year-long class that includes technical, performative and leadership educational opportunities. In this course, students will work at an advanced technical level to enhance skills they are learning in their daily semester-based dance courses.  They will also further develop their choreography skills and apply their learning to performance pieces created for multiple competitions and shows throughout the year. Lastly, students will assume specialized leadership roles in order to experience the complexity that goes into managing a dance team/company. Within these roles, students will develop a “real world” understanding the various leading and supporting roles that goes into managing a dance company.

Note: Because this class runs after school, students must take it as a 9th course.