dance 9-12 BEGINNER

This course is for students who have always wanted to learn how to dance, but have not yet had the opportunity to or students who have 0-2 years of experience in any dance genre. Students will learn the basics of multiple dance genres in a fun and supportive atmosphere! These dance genres may include: Street Dance (ie. Hip-Hop, Break Dancing, Popping and Locking), Technical Dance (ie. Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Tap), Cultural Dance (ie. Bhangra and Tinikling) and Social Dance (ie. Hustle and Jive) depending on student interest and time. This class is perfect for students of all fitness levels to learn new skills in flexibility, strength and coordination through freestyle/improvisation and choreography. This class would be appropriate for students who have taken dance in previous years but have not danced recently. Students will advance at individual levels and will be encouraged to challenge themselves through establishing individual dance goals. All dance students are expected to perform at the Surrey District Dance Festival and the semester-end dance show. Students will receive a Dance Foundations 9/10/11/12 credit.