Choreography 10-12

Requirements: A course recommendation from the dance teacher and prior significant dance experience is required.


This is a highly specialized course for advanced level dancers, who want to focus on the choreographic process and who wish to develop their leadership skills as they pertain to dance. Choreography students will be assigned to a beginner or intermediate level dance class and will work alongside the dance teacher as peer-tutors. Choreography students will learn to create dynamic dance pieces both for stage and for film. Students will gain experience through the creative process which includes music-making, choreographing, cleaning, mentoring, video editing, adjudicating etc. Students will also expand their choreographic skills through the production of cross-curricular dance explorations, site-specific dance performances and the creation of dance concept videos among other passion projects. Choreography students must have a high level of commitment and have a strong understanding of technique, choreographic devices and movement safety. Students must have a passion for dance and skills in developing movement sequences in a variety of dance genres. Students who register for choreography must be recommended by the dance teacher and should either be enrolled in an dance class, be members of our school’s senior competitive dance teams, or have qualifying studio experience.


Please Note: This is a course with limited enrollment. All course requests will be reviewed by the department in conjunction with administration.